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About Us

At Accordia Care, we provide care and support for some of the most vulnerable individuals in society. We have a clear mission underpinned by our Vision and Values

We are a new provider. Our mission is to open supported living services in London and Surrey. We then plan to develop specialist Neurobehavioral services on a national basis. 

The team at Accordia Care have a significant amount of experience in the Health and Social Care space. With this knowledge and experience, we are determined to provide the best quality services in the sector and to bring care back into the forefront of healthcare.



Chief Executive Officer

I am the founder of Accordia. I started Accordia having worked in the Health and Social Care sector for many years. I have seen the sector become too consolidated and, as a result, there is too much focus on profit rather than on the quality of care. 

It is my vision to see the independent sector change and realign its focus on a more healthy balance between the social impact and a sustainable, but ethical, return on investment.  

Together with our vision, our mission is to develop a number of services to support some of the most disadvantaged adults in society and to help them achieve their potential by delivering care at the very highest standard. 


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Registered Manager

I joined Accordia after managing supported living homes in Surrey and London where I achieved Outstanding CQC ratings.

I have always been a coach who prioritises people, partnerships and relationships. Part of my passion centres around building effective teams where everyone is a leader and has a voice. It is my belief that empowering and appreciating people brings about great outcomes for the people we support. 

My core values of integrity, transparency, creativity and inclusivity means that it is very important we allow time for fun, to make relationships and to include everyone.

I am passionate about driving change through the Health and Social Care sector and being at the forefront of driving up quality for vulnerable people.

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